About our Program

Each graduate will be assigned to one of our APL Liner European offices. During the course of the two year program, you can expect to be assigned to a number of different departments. From each rotation, you will gain on-the-job experience as well as build up your industry knowledge.

You will be given access to our online learning portal and a specific training plan will be developed. During the program, you will be assigned a mentor who will be there to guide, advise and help you find your way through our business network.

We encourage all our graduates to take an active interest in all areas of our business. When the time is right, we will invite graduates to meet with our management team and senior executives.

It is our aim to give each graduate the best possible insight into our exciting industry and what better way to do that than by getting to the heart of the action. All graduates will be given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of our industry by either sailing on one of our vessels or spending time at one of our logistics facilities.

During the two years you will be offered opportunities to work in different locations. We will discuss these options with you once we receive your application.

The graduate program will empower you with a multitude of skills and experiences. At the end of your program, we will discuss your career plan with you and ensure a smooth transition into your next position. With high performance, leadership potential and a determined approach, there are countless opportunities for your career progression.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and start making waves!