Farid Ammardjia

Nationality: German
Date of Birth: 04.09.1986
Highest Degree: Master of Arts
Languages: German, English, Arabic
Main interests: Swimming
Favourite Food: Oatmeal
If I were an animal, I'd be a: Hippo

About me

After finishing my master degree in business administration I have started working with APL Hamburg in September 2016.

For the first 5 months I was working in what we call the "local trade" department. This is mainly a direct link between our customer service and sales departments and the commercial/ strategic aspect of the organization. The colleagues in this department were very trustful and after a brief orientation period I was already given my first responsibilities. During this time my focus was mainly on the Europe - Asia trade lanes. A big part of this work was cargo allocation management and vessel analysis. Meaning I would analyze the cargo utilization on all vessels going to Asia for the current and upcoming 3-4 weeks.

I was then transferred to Customer Service Inbound were I gained a lot of experience dealing with the customer and therefore enhancing my soft skills very rapidly. Here I was working on all import related matters, but mainly the release of containers at port, customs issues and the documentation and invoicing of local import related charges. This work includes handling a large quantity of incoming customer calls, which was a new and at first a very challenging experience.

After that I moved to Customer Service Outbound, the department in which I am working right now. Here I am able to get additional customer exposure, this time experiencing all processes from the side of the booking origin. Furthermore I will spend my second year with APL Benelux in The Netherlands. In regard to future job opportunities within APL, I think it is very important to really see the daily processes and operations within the complete scope of the company. The APL Management Trainee program definitely provides the opportunity to see as many departments and aspects of the liner shipping business. I would therefore very much recommend this program to everyone interested, even those without any shipping background.